Use an Email alias (Tip)

Lately there have been s series of security breaches all over the world. Millions of email addresses and passwords have been compromised. To keep yourself safe, you could start with using email aliasses. Here is how it works:

You have one main email address you want to keep for the rest of your life, give it a strong password of at least 8 characters and change it now and then (yes no fun)

Then you never use this email adres anywhere else on a site. Keep it for your own email only.

In the hosting control panel you can create email aliasses. Unlimited. Use them!
They act as copy of your original email address and email to that address will come in your own email box.

Why? How?
When a site like, asks you to create a login, you add the alias adobe@mydomainname in your control panel and use that address for Adobe login.
Next time they get hacked, you will not loose your own email address.

Getting a lot of spam suddenly? check the email address used and delete the alias, create a new one and inform the site they have been compromised.

After the 'Heartbleed' hacks all over the world, companies have been asking you to change your password, but better use this moment to change email address too.

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