Email settings (Linux / Plesk hosting)

IN and OUT going mail server:

Username is your email address
Password see your control panel if you need to create a new one

POP ports: 110 (standard) and 995 (SSL)
IMAP ports: 143 (standard) and 993 (SSL)

Outgoing mail server always need to have set "authentication on" this might be hidden in some "extra" or "advanced" tabs.

SMTP / outgoing server ports: 25 (standaard) en 587 (SSL)

When using TLS/SSL connections, everything will be encrypted.  Safer but sometimes a bit slower and some mail programs like Thunderbird, not always work good with the SSL settings.

Please try SSL first and if you run into issues, try without.

Note 1: this mail server wil bann your IP for a few hours when it detects to many failed attemps to login. Make sure you are using the tight username and password.

Note 2: Apple mail users be aware that there is a settings called 'Automatically detect and maintain account settings' in the Advanced Tab. Please switch this off. It can give a lot of problems.

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